woensdag 28 september 2016

Why I prefer PostgreSQL over MySQL: functions either work, or they don't

Today I got one of those WTF moments.

From the MySQL manual:

ALTER USER was added in MySQL 5.6.6. However, in 5.6.6, ALTER USER also sets the Password column to the empty string, so do not use this statement until 5.6.7.
That's MySQL speak for "yeah, we released something that can break your application and potentially open it up to hackers, so uhm... just don't use it, ok?It'll be fine..."

In PostgreSQL, features are either completed before release, or they are made safe by giving an error message when the incomplete part is accessed.

These hidden "features" that can cost hours of debugging and restoring and, potentially, a large data-leak, simply don't exist in PostgreSQL.