dinsdag 15 juli 2014

Why I like JetBrains IDE's: modifications history with unittest results.

Test-driven-developement can greatly improve your development speed and quality. Everytime you make a few changes you can simply run the tests to see if you've completed the feature you are working on, and whether you have broken anything else. When something else breaks then you have to revert, or at least review, the changes you made.

Jetbrain's tools all keep a history of changes made to each file over time, which is pretty cool by itself, but if you're like me, you will have made dozens of changes since the last test and you really can't remember exactly which changes came after the last  successful test.

Jet brains to the rescue!

If you use a JetBrains IDE to run your tests then if will keep track of the testresult in the history. Successfuil tests show up as a green line, failed tests show up as a red line. Now you can accurately review only those changes that came after the last successful test and not worry about forgetting changes or reverting too much.