maandag 16 juni 2014

The power of naivety: mobbing brewers to give up their secrets

Sometimes I wonder just how naive and gullable people can be.

The "foodbabe of  was concerned that there might be something relly nasty in beer, like gycol, so she started a petition to ask brewers to tell their customers what's in their product. Lots of people signed it  and now brewers are "giving up their secrets".

So what's my problem? It is that apparently, 43k people think multi-billion dollar industries that live of the fact that only they know how to produce a particular drink would ever actually tell you the recipy.. They don't do that, end of story. Not for good ingredients, not for bad ones, and no, not even if they put glycol in there, the will never, ever tell you. 

Yes they are putting up lists of ingredients, and guess what, it's the generic recipy for beer. Wow, I'd never have guessed.

So what has this incredibly naive women achieved? She's made 43k people believe that they have the power to do anything by singing a petition.

Well done.